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Improve your coding skills through collaboration

Improve your coding skillsToday, knowing how to code is almost as useful as knowing how to read and write. Many online training programs have been set up in recent years, such as Treehouse, Codeschool and Openclassroom. These programs have made learning to code a lot easier, and give beginners a chance to jumpstart into the coding arena.

Learning to write code is not a hard task, and can easily be picked up by pretty much anyone, no matter what his or her background or age level. So, if learning how to write code is easy, where is the problem? Why aren’t all people who have learned how to write code easily and quickly hired? The problem lies in the fact that while learning how to code is easy, writing good code takes more skill.

For example, while working for a company, it is highly likely that you would be only one of many coders all working on a single project. In this case, the code you write would form only a small part of larger programming modules. There is also no guarantee that you would always be managing your small blocks of code. At some point in time you might be moved to a new project, leaving someone else with the task of picking up where you left off. Even if you are the only one working on a project, if your code is not well written, there is a good chance you might be confused when looking back at it a few months down the line.

While many people have learned how to code, far fewer people know how to write good code.

While there are many ways to improve your coding skills, one of the best ways is by working with other coders who have the same interests as you. Edmond Lau, author of The Effective Engineer, advises those looking to hone their coding skills to work in a team environment. He further suggests that the team you work with should include a few senior engineers as they can pass on some of the skills they have gained through their experience. At least 20% of the time you put towards improving your skills should be used for team projects. The chance to learn from more experienced coders is truly priceless and is a great way to up your skill level[1].

That being said, lessons can still be learned from less skilled coders as well. If a novice coder can grasp the basic concepts of the code you’ve written, and rephrase it in their own way, then you can be sure that your code is clean, clear and well organized.

With the above in mind, Recruitly is aiming to provide coders of all skill levels the chance to improve their coding skills through providing collaborations with other developers.

Improve your teamworkA highly skilled coder will first analyze the code from a more junior coder who is looking to get hired. The skilled coder will then give detailed feedback to the coder about their skills. This will help the junior coder to learn and improve their skills, even if they do not move on to the next phase of the hiring process. This gives job candidates a chance to learn while looking for a job, which is unheard of in traditional hiring practices.

At Recruitly, we are building a community that will allow like-minded developers to have their skills endorsed while at the same time helping others to improve their careers. Software developers have a unique skill that hiring managers don’t have, and they should be able to get paid for it.

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Online education

Recruitly: Bringing education and recruitment closer together

Recruitly is a new app dedicated to developers across the globe who have been educated through online education platforms. Hiring Managers can’t always identify a good software developer from a bad one. Other developers can. Get paid to tell them who to hire.

Women embrace online education

It is highly evident that education is directly linked to employment, and for this reason, we need to find a way to address both sectors simultaneously. In other words, the higher the quality of the opportunities available to new graduates of a particular education system, the greater the value of that education system will be.

According to the World Economic Forum, we are approaching what is being classified as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the First being steam, the Second electricity, and the Third information technology. The rapidly advancing Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third, and “is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres[1]”.

This revolution will greatly alter the way we currently teach our children, as there is a growing realization that the skills and training provided by formal education are becoming increasingly more irrelevant in today’s industries.[2] Looking to the future, our educational focus will need to shift towards areas in which the workforce can be consistently trained, such as computers, data, artificial intelligence and designed thinking. The good news is that increasingly valuable modern education platforms such as Treehouse, OpenClassroom, Codeschool and Udacity are offering this knowledge in an interactive matter, with the belief that you learn by doing. Higher education will also be on-demand, and many institutions have already positioned themselves to be able to provide a self-paced, mentor-led education platform.

With this in mind, we can predict that innovation will play an increasingly more important role in our lives than in any other period in history. We must be prepared to address this as a society, and platforms like Recruitly will equip us with the necessary tools to cope with the imminent Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Recruitly logoOut of curiosity, many have wondered where the name Recruitly is derived from. We wanted to come up with a name that would reflect our mission to tackle the recruitment industry in both a collaborative and innovative matter.

Based in Canada, Recruitly is an up and coming marketplace that aims to empower anyone, through technology, to improve the quality of new hires, starting with developers.

While it may be true that developers might not initially possess the soft skills that traditional recruiters would have, we are confident that these skills will be acquired as competition between those making recommendations grows through a review/reputation mechanism, based on the quality of the recommendations they make to hiring managers.

Without knowing it, you are a mentor to someone else, and if provided with the right tools and opportunities, you too can act like a recruiter, earning commission for candidates hired successfully based on your recommendations.

Based on your skill set, we empower you to provide recommendations to hiring managers. However, the benefits of getting on board go far beyond financial reasons. We are building a community that will allow like-minded developers to endorse one another’s coding skills, and assist each other in their career progression.

If you find this interesting, we would encourage you to join the network for software developers with qualifications achieved through accredited online programs by gaining early access to our incoming private beta.

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